No one knows for certain how the situation with Kirk Cousins will work out with the Washington Redskins, and some fans are beginning to lose patience.

After completing two franchise record-setting seasons, Cousins is set to become one of the most sought-after free agents this spring, and the debate of whether Cousins will return to D.C. has been dominant this offseason. Recently, an NFL Network analyst speculated that there’s a “greater than 50 percent chance” that the quarterback will not be with the Redskins next year.

These are not exactly words that lifelong Redskins fan and Cousins supporter Dale Earnhardt Jr. is happy to hear. The ever-vocal Earnhardt, who is currently in Florida in preparation for the Daytona 500, has been advocating for the team to finalize a deal for Cousins since early January — during his honeymoon, no less — and more recently, expressed his concern over the lack of action from the Redskins.

“Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees,” Earnhardt told For The Win on Tuesday. “You’re taking such a huge risk in the draft trying to acquire one. You look at the talented quarterbacks in the NFL and where they were drafted — not all of them were first-round picks, so it’s not about trying to get the college star.”

“We’ve got a guy that knows the system and that has done extremely well — set franchise records, broke his own franchise record last year [in total passing yards],” he continued. “Sign the damn quarterback up. Sign him up. I’m tired of waiting. Don’t even franchise tag him this season. Get him signed up.”

With Cousins set to become a free agent March 1, the Redskins have a little more than a week to place a franchise tag on their starting quarterback before potentially losing him. Or the two sides could agree to a long-term contract before then, but according to ProFootballTalk, Cousins won’t sign a new deal before application of the franchise tag.

Meaning, Redskins fans like Earnhardt will have to sweat it out a little bit longer.