Area teen Tatyana Bailey has her interests, okay?

The 17-year-old is super into photography and writing. She’s been accepted into VCU’s art school. She hopes to go into photojournalism someday, maybe work for a magazine.

She just doesn’t do sports.

And that is exactly what she told Alexander Ovechkin on Friday night, when the Capitals’ captain showed up with a Papa John’s delivery. Because apparently Bailey’s interests also include keeping it extremely real.

To briefly recap: Ovechkin on Friday evening stopped by homes in Virginia, acting as a surprise Papa John’s delivery guy. He drove his white Mercedes. Some people flipped out. This one guy had to be bleeped. It was all very charming, perhaps you read about it somewhere.

Then there was Bailey, who you can see the clip above, from Comcast SportsNet’s Tarik El-Bashir. She stood at the doorway with Ovechkin, who was wearing a camera and was surrounded by a minor entourage that included members of the media. (Including me.) (Hi, Tatyana.) And she had no idea who Ovechkin was.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Question: “Do you guys recognize who’s delivering your pizza?”

Tatyana: “No.”

Question: “Number eight, from the Washington Capitals?”

Tatyana: “I don’t do sports.”

Ovechkin: “It’s a good thing!”

Tatyana: “I’m sorry. I’m sure this is probably very exciting for someone.”

~ FIN ~

As someone whose entire life is a just a nonstop parade of awkwardness, I gotta say, this was a work of art.

In the wake of her newfound celebrity, Tatyana was expected to be at Verizon Center on Monday night as the Washington Capitals face the Dallas Stars, she told The Post in an email. Will this experience make her a hockey fan? Almost certainly not. But good on Tatyana for just going with it.

Tatyana, a senior at Potomac Falls High School, was babysitting Friday night when the Papa John’s delivery (and Ovechkin) arrived. She said the mother of the kid she was watching had ordered the food; she had no idea there was even a chance that Ovechkin could show at the home.

“I was also very confused when I opened the door, which I believe is kind of apparent by my face in the video,” she wrote in an email to The Post. “There was a long silence between me opening the door and someone finally asking if I knew who was delivering my pizza, so I suppose that was a bit uncomfortable. I was honestly planning to just ignore it if nothing was said because I couldn’t really think of any words because I was so confused.”

(Sorry again, Tatyana.)

Tatyana was “extremely surprised” when the whole thing blew up over the weekend, she wrote, noting that the attention on social media was “a bit weird,” because she’s not really used to it. Her friends and family, who she wrote know she’s “not a very sporty person,” think it’s pretty funny that this all happened to her.

Tatyana wrote that Monday night will be her first Capitals game; she’s attending with her father, she said. And since she’s had a few days to think about this, I made sure to ask her: Did she like sports yet?

“I mean, my opinion on sports haven’t really changed!” she wrote. “It’s cool some individuals are super into them but they have just never really captured my attention.”

Tatyana is our most honest teen.

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