Chris Miller and Wizards center Jason Smith. (Via CSN)

Wizards center Jason Smith had eight points, four rebounds and two blocks off the bench in Wednesday’s 104-100 win over the Hawks at Verizon Center, as Washington snapped a two-game losing streak and rediscovered its “swag” during a decisive 9-1 fourth-quarter run. Smith had some fun with Bradley Beal during the shooting guard’s on-court interview following the win.

Smith also joined Chris Miller, Brian Mitchell and Rob Carlin on CSN’s “SportsTalk Live” and got to talking about Miller’s dance moves, which the Wizards beat reporter showed off at last Friday’s postgame Bell Biv DeVoe concert.

“You guys need to go check out his Facebook page,” Smith joked. “He’s got a little Juju On That Beat.”

Miller, who suggested that his dance moves are infectious and that Wizards players might soon catch the fever, then made an on-air wager with Smith.

“If the Wizards get their 50th win, Jason Smith says he’ll dance, on the air,” Miller said.

Daaaaaaaang,” said Smith, who, unlike a former Nationals manager, seems like the kind of guy who would actually follow through on such a promise. “I’ve got to practice up my skills.”

So what are the chances that the Wizards’ 7-footer is dancing on a TV screen next month? Washington is 43-28 after Wednesday’s win and will need to go at least 7-4 over its final 11 regular season games to snap the NBA’s longest 50-win drought. Since the franchise last won at least 50 games (in the 1978-79 season), the NBA has seen 277 50-win seasons.

Eight of the Wizards’ final 11 games are on the road, and 538 projects they’ll finish with 49 wins. That would be a shame for a few reasons, not least of which is denying everyone a chance to see Smith show off his moves. From the in-game entertainment videos he’s appeared in at Verizon Center, we already know he’s a pretty good singer.

“I wouldn’t say I’m the best, but I wouldn’t say I’m the worst,” Smith recently told Dan Steinberg of how his singing skills stack up against his teammates.

Funny thing is I always watched this show when I was little. How did I botch this so bad. #hahaha

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It turns out those singalongs are more challenging than they would seem.

“The thing is that they play the music and then they stop the music,” said Smith, who played trumpet in his high school band. “So if it’s not playing, any normal person’s not going to be that great without any music. There’s nothing there. They started ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ and I was like, ‘Oh okay,’ and then I’m like ready for the words to kick in and the music stops. So I’m like, ‘Uhhhhhh, whoaaaaak.’”

Smith said he’s watched the videos, including one in which he was tasked with singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

“I’ve seen them up on social media, and my in-laws and my family are always like, ‘Welp, there’s another video of you online,'” Smith said. “So they’re no dummies to that.”

Seven more wins and there will be another video of Smith online for his family to check out.