The Washington Redskins are hoping to save a few eyeballs this fall by not wearing an all-yellow “color rush” uniform designated for a Thursday night game.

Describing the uniforms as “garish,” the team penned a letter to the NFL, lobbying the league for an exemption from the bylaws governing the highly criticized “color rush” nights, which began in 2015 in an attempt to make Thursday Night Football more popular.

The team first learned of their all-yellow color rush designation last year when the NFL released the latest round. The team avoided having to wear them in 2016, however, because the only Thursday game the Redskins played fell on Thanksgiving, when the NFL instructed teams to wear their regular colors. This year, however, things could be different. The NFL hasn’t yet released the upcoming schedule.

Wanting to be prepared, however, the team now wants to ensure it has the right to opt out of the all-yellow ensembles in favor of using the Redskins’ “traditional colors.”

Should the NFL refuse to adjust its color rush bylaws, it’s likely the Redskins will be panned for their outfits, which were roundly criticized by fans online when the league released the last September.

Not everyone was a hater, though. Some lauded the design.

The ultimate decision, of course, falls on the NFL, which begins its annual owners meetings on Monday in Arizona. It’s expected league officials will make their ruling there.