The Maryland baseball team trailed Richmond, 11-8, entering the bottom of the eighth inning on Tuesday in College Park, when a squirrel scampered behind home plate and into the Terrapins’ on-deck circle. Maryland senior Brandon Gum singled to left field on the next pitch, sparking a four-run rally that helped the Terps improve to 11-1 at Bob “Turtle” Smith Stadium this season.

The squirrel, it turned out, wasn’t just any squirrel.

“We know that guy,” Maryland outfielder Zack Jancarski said after the game. “His name is Crumbs and he’s been here since my freshman year. We look at him as a little bit of a rally squirrel. He is kind of a pest, sometimes he’ll come in and eat everything in sight regardless if it is packaged or not. Every time we have seen him during games at least in my years here, something good has happened. He knows we got the W. He gets the assist for that one. We like him around here.”

There’s no word on whether Crumbs, who has an excellent name, is related to the Rally Squirrel that helped the Cardinals to the 2011 World Series title or the furry little guy who caused a minor delay during last year’s Packers-Colts game at Lambeau Field. We do know that Crumbs, like NBA players, eats a lot of PB&Js.

Crumbs, Maryland Athletics reported, could not be reached for comment, but he was back in the dugout during practice on Wednesday. Maryland (19-8, 5-1 Big Ten) heads to Nebraska for a three-game series starting Friday before returning home to play West Virginia on Tuesday. Hopefully the Terps will leave a few extra snacks in the dugout to tide Crumbs over while they’re gone. He’s earned them.