This is what you do on the best playoff shift of your life:

• Dive into your own net to scoop out a sure goal that would have tied the game and deflated your bench and your goalie and your team and your city.
• Immediately fly down the ice and park yourself in front of the other goal.
• Tip in a shot to give your team a two-goal lead that inflated your bench and your goalie and your team and your city.
• Do it while your best-in-the-league team is down 2-1 and facing abject desperation and despair.
• Do it in the city in which you grew up, in front of family and friends, against your hometown team.
• Earn the everlasting love of hundreds if not thousands of fans.

Now granted, Tom Wilson — who did all these things on one shift late in the first period of Wednesday’s Game 4 — did not really have the best playoff shift ever. It was only in Game 4, after all, and only the first period, and as I type this I don’t actually know if the Capitals will wind up winning this game. So maybe there was some hyperbole in the moment.

But not all that much really.

“What’s Tom doing? He’s stopped in front of the net, stick on the ice, perfect deflection. That’s playoff hockey; that’s how you score,” CSN’s Alan May said during the first intermission.

It was all so good that it earned Wilson an ovation at Verizon Center — where the Wizards were playing. And it put Wilson in the Caps history books, too.