Wednesday night’s D.C. sports trifecta didn’t prompt the jubilant euphoria we saw from the D.C. sports trifecta 729 days ago, when the Wizards beat the Raptors to take a 2-0 first-round series lead, the Caps beat the Islanders to even their first-round series at two games apiece, and Yunel Escobar and the Nats walked off the Cardinals.

That was the first night the Caps and Wizards had ever won playoff games on the same day, and with both the Barry Trotz era and the John Wall playoffs era in their infancy — before Caps playoff losses to the Rangers and Penguins, before Wall broke his hand against the Hawks, before Clayton Kershaw — the optimism was unrestrained.

There have been disappointments since then, and moments of panic and unhappiness, and yet here we were again Wednesday night. The Wizards beat the Hawks to take another 2-0 first-round series lead. The Caps beat the Leafs to even another first-round series at two games apiece. And every member of the Nationals hit at least one grand slam in Atlanta in a blowout win.

Which meant another D.C. sports trifecta, and another round of celebration. The Post’s sports section took note, as seen above. So did ESPN’s SportsCenter Thursday morning, hosted by D.C. native Randy Scott.

The local teams took turns congratulating themselves for their second-ever such triple play, which was sweet.

And snake-bitten fans of all three teams did the same.

Although the happiest people of all may have been the ones who not only rooted for the D.C. trifecta, but financially profited from it. Good for them. They had faith. Or at least an unstoppable urge to gamble.