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Vernon Davis on his ‘Baywatch’ cameo and Redskins ‘director’ Kirk Cousins

When his playing days are over, Redskins tight end Vernon Davis is interested in pursuing a second career in acting, a field the Washington, D.C., native and former Maryland star has dabbled in over the years. After making cameos in TV shows such as “The League” and “Inside Amy Schumer,” Davis made his big screen debut last month in “Baywatch” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it,” Davis said Wednesday on ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room. “The cast was phenomenal. The Rock, he’s very nice. Very mild-mannered, nice, gentle guy, very humble.”

The most enjoyable part of the Redskins’ offseason practices? Instagram.’s Jake Kring-Schreifels reports that Davis gets about 30 seconds of screen time and has a couple of lines near the beginning of the movie. His scene, which was shot over one day last April in Savannah, Ga., features a one-on-one game of basketball with former NFL running back Arian Foster. Davis got the role through a friend who knows the film’s producer.

“It’s always special, especially when I’m able to go out and do something like this,” Davis told Kring-Schreifels after a screening of the movie last month in Silver Spring. “I know how much my family loves seeing me do it and it just brings joy and happiness to their heart. To be able to share that with them means a lot because I know where I started, where I came from. It’s really a great environment.”

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When Inside the Locker Room co-host Brian Mitchell asked Davis to assess how Kirk Cousins has looked at OTAs, the tight end used a filmmaking metaphor.

“He’s very in tune to what’s going on,” Davis said. “He’s a professional. He’s a leader. He’s everything that you want in a quarterback, and he shows it, day in, day out. He comes in, he’s watching film. He’s being a director out on the football field, and a quarterback has to do that. He has to control everything. When things are getting a little messy, he steps in and he’s vocal about it. I think that’s what you need. He’s getting better and better. He’s totally different than he was last year, in a good way. I like what I see, the coaches like what they see, we can only continue to go up and just thrive. We have to thrive in this moment and continue to get better.”