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Lindsay Czarniak had to wear a penguin costume on ESPN and it’s the Caps’ fault

It’s been more than six weeks since the Penguins eliminated the Capitals (again) in the playoffs en route to winning the Stanley Cup (again), but Tuesday morning’s “SportsCenter” provided another unpleasant reminder that Pittsburgh is the home of the NHL champions and D.C. is not.

Fairfax native and Capitals fan Lindsay Czarniak made a friendly wager on Washington and Pittsburgh’s second-round series with fellow “SportsCenter” anchor and Penguins fan Jay Harris back in May. On Tuesday, she made good on the bet by walking on set in a penguin costume. (At least she got to rock a red bow tie.)

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Harris is a Norfolk native who graduated from Old Dominion, but he worked in Pittsburgh for more than a decade before joining ESPN in 2003.