Bryce Harper at the All-Star Game. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Is Bryce Harper’s nickname actually “Bam Bam?”

Sure, teammates decided they would call him that in 2012, after his incident with the outfield wall.

And yes, his parents called him that as a kid, since his full name is Bryce Aron Max.

And yes, at least at one point he had a BAM 34 decal on his truck.

And Mike Wise once referred to him as “Bam-Bam in a batting helmet.”

And a mostly defunct blog used to refer to him as “Bam Bam” in headlines.

And Baseball-Reference lists his nicknames as Bam Bam, Mondo and Harp.

Fine, maybe his nickname is Bam Bam. It just hasn’t been often used over the past four years. Which led to a lot of confusion when Jeopardy asked a Bryce Harper question Thursday night.