Sean Doolittle is a lifelong Redskins fan. (Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The Nationals acquired relief pitchers Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson from the Athletics on Sunday just before the deadline. The Kirk Cousins contract deadline, that is. Doolittle was born in South Dakota, but his dad was in the Air Force, so his family moved around a lot. The Doolittles took their love of the Redskins everywhere they went.

“By the time I was in first grade, we had settled in New Jersey, and that’s where I grew up, outside of Philadelphia, right in the heart of Eagles country,” Doolittle explained in a Q&A with in 2015. “My dad grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and he was a die-hard Redskins fan and that’s how we were brought up. We were introduced to it at an early age and I’m just old enough to remember the last time the Redskins won the Super Bowl. After the 1991 season, I can remember the party that we had, so that was the beginning of my formative years. I guess that kind of cemented that I was definitely going to be a Redskins fan. I was raised correctly.”

Doolittle, 30, is very good at Twitter and has used the medium to express his love for the Redskins, owner Daniel Snyder and Cousins’s “You Like That!” phrase over the years.

“As a fan, Kirk Cousins has this very quiet, composed, confident demeanor that seems to be pretty even-keeled,” Doolittle told “We don’t see him show a ton of emotion. I think that’s part of what makes him successful, that he’s able to not get too high or too low throughout the course of the game and he keeps his head down, keeps plugging away.”

Doolittle played his high school ball in Medford, N.J., and went on to star as a two-way player at Virginia.

Sean Doolittle during his days at Virginia. (Andrew Shurtleff/The Daily Progress via AP)

The A’s selected Doolittle in the first round of the 2007 draft, and he made Oakland’s 40-man roster as a first baseman. A torn patellar tendon and a subluxation in his right wrist caused Doolittle to miss the 2010 and 2011 seasons, and led him to focus on pitching as his ticket to the big leagues. He made his major league debut as a lefty reliever with the A’s in 2012 and was named an all-star in 2014.

On Sunday, Doolittle thanked A’s fans for his six years by the Bay.

Doolittle’s fiancee, Eireann Dolan, is also very good at Twitter and wasted no time endearing herself to Nationals fans after the news of Sunday’s trade.