District Mayor Muriel Bowser and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred unveil the logo for the 2018 All-Star Game. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Nationals will kick off their All-Star Game campaign on Wednesday afternoon with a news conference to reveal the game’s logo, the moment you’ve been waiting for basically your entire life. But the team will also begin providing details about how to get tickets to the game and surrounding events on Wednesday, with information expected to go online at nationals.com/2018 in the late afternoon.

Here’s an attempt to answer some questions about getting tickets to the 2018 game and surrounding events.

Who will be guaranteed tickets?
Major League Baseball takes about one-third of the ticket inventory, and the Nationals have a higher season-ticket base than some other teams that have hosted recent all-star events. What this means is that not every season-ticket holder will be guaranteed the chance to purchase All-Star Game and Home Run Derby tickets.

The Nats say they are guaranteeing that opportunity to so-called “Nats Plus” members, which means full- and half-season plan holders. The team can’t guarantee the same option to any partial-plan holders. If there are extra tickets available, partial-plan holders with the longest tenure will be given first opportunity, starting with the class of 2005, moving on to the class of 2006, and so on. (The decision to use seniority as the tiebreaker was based on fan feedback.) The team cannot accurately differentiate tenure within years, so if there are only enough tickets for some partial-plan holders who joined in 2005, it will find another mechanism to decide.

But partial-plan holders will have the opportunity to buy tickets to the events of all-star Sunday, including the Futures Game and the celebrity softball game. The all-star FanFest, which runs Friday through Tuesday, will be open to the public. (A venue hasn’t yet been announced, but the Convention Center — which has hosted the team’s winter fest — would likely make the most sense.)

Will all new Nats Plus members get that option?
All new and upgraded full-season plan holders will get the option to buy All-Star Game tickets.

New and upgraded half-season plan holders who sign a two-year commitment are also guaranteed that option. New and upgraded half-season plan holders who sign a one-year commitment will get the option to buy tickets to all all-star events other than the game.

(Courtesy Washington Nationals)

How many partial-season plan holders will get to buy All-Star Game tickets?
The team won’t know until it sees how many full- and half-season plan holders renew, how many new plans are sold and how many partial-plan holders upgrade to bigger packages. The belief now is that some partial-plan holders will get that chance, although it’s not guaranteed, and again, it will be based on the tenure of partial plan holders.

How many full- and half-season plan holders were there this season?
The team doesn’t release that information. But the team says that it has already received twice as many deposits for new Nats Plus plans this month as it had projected. The team is also holding back some inventory for all classes of seats to allow current plan holders to upgrade.

What will people who buy All-Star Game tickets receive?
All-Star Game tickets aren’t available on an a la carte basis. This means if you’re purchasing tickets to the game, you must buy an entire strip, including tickets to the FanFest, all-star Sunday events, all-star Workout Day and Home Run Derby, and the game itself, plus a commemorative program. You cannot unbundle the strip and just select particular events to purchase. You must purchase everything, including the FanFest tickets and program.

Major League Baseball mandates bundling tickets in this way, according to a team spokeswoman. MLB also sets the prices for the tickets, although the invoices will be handled by the Nationals. MLB also sets any fees. Pricing and invoicing are expected to arrive in January of 2018.

How many seats can people buy?
One strip per seat. If you have two full- or half-season tickets, you can buy two strips.

Where will the seats be?
The team says it will do its best to keep All-Star Game seat locations as close as possible to season-ticket locations, but some people will have to be shuffled based on the ticket inventory claimed by the league. The January All-Star Game invoices will contain exact seat locations.

What’s the deal with All-Star Game parking?
There are no details available yet. If you start walking now, you’ll make it on time and won’t need parking.

What’s with the two-year commitment thing?
The team hasn’t offered two-year price locks in recent years, but is bringing them back, based on fan feedback. If you sign a two-year contract starting in 2018, you can guarantee 2018 prices in 2019. Plan holders will also have an option to lock in for a third year at 2018 prices. You can also continue to go year-to-year, although the team is offering special benefits to plan holders who sign multiyear deals, like replica All-Star Game rings and on-field experiences.

When do you have to renew to guarantee tickets?
The team is now offering an incentive to plan holders who renew early. Renewal packages will go out electronically next week, and plan holders who renew by Sept. 8 will get a discount of about 10 to 15 percent on their 2017 playoff tickets.

But full- and half-season plan holders will have until mid-December to renew their tickets while still guaranteeing the option to buy all-star strips.

When can I see the logo and when can I buy All-Star Game merchandise ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Anyhow, the logo will be unveiled at Wednesday’s news conference, and then signage will be unveiled inside Nats Park before Wednesday night’s game.

Merchandise — including shirts, caps and glassware — will also go on sale Wednesday night at the team store beginning at 5 p.m., when the gates open. All-Star Game merchandise will not be available at other local retailers until Aug. 1.

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