Switchfoot fan Kirk Cousins throws a pass at Redskins training camp. (Steve Helber/AP)

Terrelle Pryor Sr.’s dazzling one-handed catch on Tuesday afternoon is the highlight of Redskins training camp thus far, but the 15 minutes’ worth of Kirk Cousins wearing a microphone during practice this week are a close second. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that Cousins’s previous mic’d up segments have featured “Lord of the Rings” references and wild high-five parties.

Here are the five best takeaways:

1. Cousins hopes to attend Sunday’s Coldplay concert at FedEx Field.

After showing off his “Hamilton” rap skills, Cousins discussed his favorite music while warming up in Richmond on Wednesday.

“I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian worship music,” he said. “I listen to a lot of alternative rock. My favorite band in the world is Switchfoot. I also like Mat Kearney. I really like Coldplay. I’m trying to go to the concert on Sunday night at FedEx Field. That would make me happy. We’ll see if we can get out of meetings to do that.”

2. For the last time, Cousins was joking about his love of Creed.

Cousins was roundly mocked for his tweet about Creed’s greatest hits album last summer, but he maintains that he was kidding.

“I’ve been kind of razzed for liking Creed a lot, but I was joking,” Cousins said. “When I tweeted it, I said, today Creed was playing at the team lift, today was a good day. And I just killed. People came out of the woodwork, like, ‘I knew I hated this guy. He loves Creed.’ And I’m like, ‘Creed was all right, in like seventh grade.’”

3. Cousins loves Spencer Long’s old-school attire. 

“You look so much like Johnny Do-Good,” Cousins told the Redskins’ center. “With the black shoes, white socks. You look like a Hog 1.0 right now. You look like Joe Jacoby and [Jeff] Bostic morphed into one person.”

If Long plays like those two guys this season, the Redskins’ offensive line will be the best in the league.

4. Cousins likes to wear large thigh pads. 

“I used to not wear the pants in practice because my legs are so skinny,” told Josh Norman while the team stretched. “This year I just started wearing them, and I kind of like it. The burgundy ones make like legs look even skinnier though. I go into the equipment room every year and say, ‘Give me the biggest thigh pads you’ve got.’ One, because I’ve skinny legs, and two, I don’t like thigh contusions.”

“You get hit in the thigh, though?” Norman asked.

“You never know, man,” Cousins said. “Those D-ends are kind of crazy, man.”

5. Cousins’s favorite football movie might be “The Waterboy.”

“Oh, that’s good water,” the quarterback said during a break. “Two hydrogens and one oxygen. That’s the recipe for good water. … That should be bottled and sold at every nearby Walgreens. ‘Drink what the Redskins drink.’ This is unbelievable. We’ve got the formula, you just need distribution, gotta talk about logistics, need to acquire a facility.”

You can watch all the videos here.

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