John Wall rocked the stars and stripes at home during this past postseason. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Remember those amazing stars-and-stripes uniforms the Wizards rocked at home in the playoffs this season? Yeah, the ones that everyone loved but no one could buy? Say goodbye to those uniforms — at least for now.

The Wizards confirmed Friday the patriotic uniforms will not be a part of the team’s rotation for the upcoming season.

Hunter Lochmann, the senior vice president of marketing brand and strategy at Monumental Sports, explained that these uniform decisions are made 12-18 months out, in other words, the stars and stripes were left out of this season’s rotation long before they gained popularity. But this may not be a forever change, Lochmann said.

“The stars-and-stripes uniforms are definitely under consideration for future seasons,” he added.

After wearing the patriotic alternates to honor a different branch of the military for six home games during the regular season, the team wore the stars-and-stripes jerseys for every home game in the postseason. Fans loved the jerseys so much that the team sold out of its entire supply of retail inventory before the playoffs began.

With Nike replacing Adidas as the NBA’s uniform supplier this season, teams have been unveiling their new designs, one by one, over the past two weeks. The Wizards’ turn was Thursday and, like the Capitals, whose jerseys for the 2017-18 season received some very minor tweaks as part of the NHL’s switch from Reebok to Adidas, John Wall and Co. will look much the same as last year.

On Thursday, the Wizards unveiled two of the four core uniforms that Nike and the NBA designed for each team. The “Association Edition” looks identical to the Wizards’ home white uniform from last season, except with a Nike swoosh and a slightly smaller number.

Washington’s “Icon Edition” looks just like the Wizards’ previous road red uniform.

The nomenclature is silly, but “Association” and “Icon” are being used instead of “home” and “away” because home teams will no longer be assigned to wear white uniforms at home. Instead, home teams may choose from one of their four core uniforms and the visiting team must select a contrasting color from their collection of designs.

The Wizards’ other two designs will be revealed at a later date, but Lochmann says the team is “excited” for fans to see what else Nike has in store for its uniforms.

It’s unclear whether the Wizards’ new jerseys will eventually include 2.5-inch-by-2.5-inch jersey sponsorship patches that some teams will wear beginning this season. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the advertisements could bring in an estimated $100 million in revenue to the league. As of Thursday, 11 teams had unveiled their patches.

This post has been updated to note that teams are not required to wear a jersey sponsorship patch.

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