The fan campaign to bring back those stars-and-stripes jerseys the Wizards wore at home during the playoffs now has the best possible advocate.

(Well, second-best. Wizards owner Ted Leonsis would be best.)

“We need to make those as the home ones,” John Wall said on CSN last week, after signing his super-mega-extra-big-gigantic extension. “I’m going to try to push for that. I don’t know if I can make that happen, but I’m going to really try, because those are the dope-est white ones. I think they should make stars and stripes with white and red, [home] and away.”

This will be sweet stripy music to the ears of many Wizards fans, who embraced the patriotic jerseys last season, buying out the team’s entire retail inventory before the playoffs even began.

The Wizards confirmed last week that the patriotic uniforms will not be part of the team’s four-uniform rotation in the upcoming season, since such decisions are made 12-18 months in advance — long before the stars-and-striped design took off. Many fans were inordinately disappointed about that news. But a team official told The Washington Post’s Scott Allen that “the stars-and-stripes uniforms are definitely under consideration for future seasons.”

Nike is replacing Adidas as the league’s uniform supplier this season, and while the visual tweaks to Washington’s uniform are minor, Wall said the physical change is significant.

“Dope,” he said, when asked about the new uniforms. “They’re so much lighter, so much lighter I feel like I didn’t even have a jersey on. In the past, I would have to change jerseys at halftime because I sweat so much. This one I’ll be like, I’m cool. They’re dope.”

That conversation came after Wall was asked about the quite-something suit he wore to his Friday news conference and about how his fashion sense has changed since entering the league.

“I came into the league wearing Young & Reckless,” he said with a smirk. “You remember Young & Reckless? So I go through my pictures the other day and I look at a Young & Reckless shirt I wore going into my first game of the season. I’m like, this is not how it’s supposed to go. But you just grow, man, you just grow and mature, you just feel more comfortable in your body. And when you want to be a person that has a great character, and want to be looked at as a superstar in this league, you’ve got to dress like one off the court. And I think that’s where I improved a whole lot.”

Passed me right by, too. I’m still wearing Young & Reckless. Anyhow, that was just one more occasion of Wall knowing how to say things that Washington fans want to hear, which he did throughout Friday’s festivities.

Here he is, talking to 106.7 the Fan’s “Grant and Danny Show” about why he had no interest in leaving Washington and its fans.

“They showed nothing but loyalty to me from Day One, so I show the same back to them,” he said. “I’m not one of those guys that wants to chase rings. I don’t give a damn about all that. … My thinking is I want to win it here, you know what I mean? I promised that I want to win a championship here in D.C., so I would be going back on my words if I go to another team and win one. I want to win one in D.C.:

And here he is, talking to ESPN 980’s Bram Weinstein about why he considers Washington a second home.

“The city stuck behind me when I dealt with injuries earlier in my career,” he said. “This is my city. I mean, I love being here, I love playing for this city. Every time I put that Washington across my chest, I play for that. It’s important for me, just like my last name on my back. … I want to be the greatest Wizard player of all time and have my jersey retired, and I just want to see a big parade here one day. That’s all I want is a championship coming down by the White House, and a big parade going. With floaties.”

Stars-and-stripes floaties, even.

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