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Scot McCloughan just did a Twitter Q&A, and Redskins fans will love his responses

Scot McCloughan at FedEx Field in 2016. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Nothing about Scot McCloughan’s departure from the Redskins has been typical: not his surprise absence from the NFL Scouting Combine, not the flimsy offered excuse, not the subsequent anonymously sourced media war over his status, not his abrupt departure from the team at the start of NFL free agency, not the manner in which the team anonymously went after him, not that he then sold his Redskins gear to raise money for charity, and not the fact that his first public comments about the organization after all that were overwhelmingly positive and upbeat.

The atypical progression continued late Tuesday night, when McCloughan’s wife, Jessica, and son Caden announced that the former Redskins GM had joined Twitter. This was no anodyne first night, either. Instead, the personnel man launched into a provocative Q&A with fans, in which he praised many of his former draft picks, lauded several of Washington’s offseason moves and didn’t rule out a return to D.C.

“I miss Redskins nation … the fans, coaches, players, trainers and the owner,” he began. “Stay positive, they will compete.”

Fans, coaches, players, trainers, owner … did he leave anyone off the list? Hm. Can’t think of anyone just now.

If his subsequent responses were intended to inject this fan base full of happiness and optimism, McCloughan likely succeeded, with high (if succinct) praise for Jonathan Allen, Ryan Anderson, Fabian Moreau, Kirk Cousins, Terrelle Pryor and others. And, of course, there was a strident defense of Matt Jones. Who is definitely the starting running back of the Scot McCloughan All-Stars.

For ease of consumption, here are the bulk of McCloughan’s Redskins-related responses, in Q&A form. (The chronological order of some questions has been altered for clarity. Some punctuation and capitalization have also been altered for clarity.)

Q: Can Swearinger solve free safety woes the Skins have had for years?

McCloughan: Yes.

Q: Do you expect Su’a Cravens to make a big jump year 2?

McCloughan: Oh ya playing safety.

Q: Do you project Fabian Moreau to be a good starting CB?

McCloughan: He can be a starter down the line sooner than later.

Q: What’s your thoughts on Ryan Anderson?

McCloughan: Good football player.

Q: Who is your proudest signing/draft pick during your time with Skins? And favorite pick other than Allen this year by Skins?

McCloughan: [Scherff], Crowder, Kyshoen Jarrett and Matt Jones is going to be a stud. Ryan Anderson this year.

Q: Jarrett is the unspoken gem that could have been!!!!

McCloughan: No doubt.

Q: You still believe in Matt? Seems like Skins have given up on him.

McCloughan: I believe in Matt big time.

Q: What? Cmon Scot. He single-handedly cost us the game against Detroit.

McCloughan: There is 60 min in a game.

Q: What do you see in Matt Jones?

McCloughan: Big body, good feet, good hands, speed and instinct.

Q: Thoughts on Terrelle Pryor?

McCloughan: I had him placed as #1 FA.

Q: Is Kirk a top 10 qb?

McCloughan: Yes.

Q: Where did you rank [Jonathan] Allen on your draft board?

McCloughan: Top 5.

Q: How difficult was it passing up [Leonard Williams at No. 5] in the 2015 draft?

McCloughan: Tough but I made the right decision.

Q: Will Nate [Sudfeld] be a future starter?

McCloughan: 50/50.

Q: Any thoughts on Zach Brown?

McCloughan: I like him.

Q: Thoughts on Fuller going forward? Impact of drafting Moreau on him minimal?

McCloughan: Both young players that will be damn good at a position that’s hard to find.

Q: Can you see Jonathan Allen winning Defensive Rookie of the yr???

McCloughan: There is a chance.

Q: How closely did the team follow your draft/FA board this offseason?

McCloughan: To a T except for one pick.

Q: What player on the skins that gets talked about the least do you think will have major impact this year?

McCloughan: Spencer Long.

Q: If the skins lineup you created this year is half the one you created in Seattle we should win playoff games this year!

McCloughan: Correct but schedule is tough.

Q: Would you come back?

McCloughan: Yes if the situation was right.

Q: Copenhagen or Grizzly?

McCloughan: Copenhagen hands down.

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