In the most publicized, if not the first, meeting between two people nicknamed Boog, Oakland A’s rookie outfielder Herschel Mack “Boog” Powell IV met former Orioles first baseman John Wesley “Boog” Powell on Tuesday at the latter’s BBQ stand inside Camden Yards. Oakland’s Boog, who hit his first career home run on Monday just a few yards from where his nickname-sake has sold pit beef, turkey and pork sandwiches for the past 25 years, chowed down on some Boog’s BBQ while chatting with the 1970 American League MVP.

“I’m honored that you’ve been carrying my name for all these years,” the Orioles’ Boog told the Athletics’ Boog, via “I’ve kind of wondered why, but it’s fun kind of explaining Boog to somebody. It doesn’t go away. It doesn’t get any better. So I’ve been doing it for my whole life, and I just turned 76 the other day, so, anyway, it’s not so bad. It kind of sets you apart.”

The original Boog’s father gave him his famous nickname at a young age.

“In the South, they call little kids who are often getting into mischief buggers, and my dad shortened it to Boog,” Powell once explained. “Hardly anybody ever calls me John. I don’t know if I‘d even turn around if someone called me that.”

“My grandpa is Herschel and my dad is Mack,” Oakland’s Boog told the Napa Valley Register in 2014. “For a little while they called me Little Mack, but I really didn’t like that, so my parents decided to call me Boog. The Baltimore Boog Powell happened to be a favorite of my grandpa’s. The name stuck and I’ve been Boog ever since.”

To cap off the pregame Boog summit, Oakland’s Boog and Baltimore’s Boog FaceTimed 12-year-old Tennessee Little Leaguer Jeffrey “Boog” Powell, who was in study hall.

Oakland’s Boog told MLB Network’s Intentional Talk on Tuesday that there was no truth to the rumor that his first career home run landed in BBQ sauce on Eutaw Street.

“Maybe somebody took it over there and put it in the sauce,” Baltimore’s Boog said. “It was close by. It was a real home run.”

Orioles fan Tim Anderson caught the A’s outfielder’s home run on Monday and returned the BBQ sauce-free ball to the A’s outfielder after the game. Powell went 2 for 5 with a run scored in Oakland’s 6-4 win on Tuesday.

Former Orioles slugger Boog Powell watches Oakland Athletics rookie Boog Powell eat a pork sandwich from Boog’s BBQ on Tuesday. (David Ginsburg/AP)

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