Bruce Allen and Scot McCloughan in 2015. (Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

After Scot McCloughan was sent away from the Redskins this spring, Bruce Allen insisted that this was not about a power struggle. Noooooo, not at all. Everyone was actually simpatico. The front office just needed some clarity.

"I've heard all this different speculation," Allen told, adding that he and McCloughan were "on the same page."

Allen also told The Washington Post's Liz Clarke that for McCloughan, "it was good timing, because it allows him to be hired by anyone right now before this draft," and that "Scot and I had a wonderful relationship."

That's one way to spin a firing: that it was good timing for the guy who got fired. And so that possibly helps explain McCloughan's choice of words late Friday night, when asked on Twitter to describe Allen in one word. He went with "politician." That's a resonant word.

That calls to mind a previous McCloughan tweet — and he's a world-class, 80-grade, first-overall-pick tweeter — in which he thanked "the fans, coaches, players, trainers and the owner" of the Redskins. I'm not sure if there's anyone left out in that list. You'd have to tell me.

"It feels like our friendship obviously will be strained," Allen also once said of McCloughan, and that feels like an accurate prediction.

Not to make too much of this, but recall that McCloughan was also asked by ESPN's Adam Schefter recently about his current work running a scouting service.

"I've been in the league 23, 24 years or whatever," the former GM said. "And it gives me a little break from the mayhem and the politics and all that."

McCloughan was also asked a question about receiver Ryan Grant, a player who has often frustrated the fan base but whom coaches still seem to love. McCloughan responded by calling him "Ryan Gruden." Was probably just a typo.

That's good late-night tweeting.

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