Kirk Cousins just wanted a space of his own.

The quarterback has a budding football library. He is a fastidious keeper of old notes and game plans, dating back to his rookie year with the Redskins, and even further, to his career at Michigan State. He has a large bin in the basement of his townhouse, stacked with binders, filled with old game plans, notes on defensive coordinators and other football ephemera.

“I didn’t want to lose them, because some day if I coach or help out at a high school, I want to have all that information,” Cousins said this week.

So he carried his papers back and forth from Redskins Park to his house. Then there was the issue of film. The quarterbacks at Michigan State had their own meeting room, but in Ashburn, the quarterbacks use the offensive staff room.

“And when the offensive staff is meeting — like Monday morning after a game they get together to watch the tape of the game — that room’s not available, so I’m kind of homeless,” Cousins said. “So I go to the tight ends room if it’s open, or I go to the O-line room, just try to find an empty room and try to watch film. Sometimes it’s the team room.”

“He wants somewhere to watch film ‘in private,’ ” Coach Jay Gruden said with a grin. “He’s a very ‘private’ person.”

And so between the binders full of papers and the need for a private corner to watch film, Cousins asked for a workspace he might call his own. The Redskins, who are already giving the quarterback $24 million, then made it $24 million plus one nook.

“I said I’d like a place to kind of leave my stuff, and have notes and a whiteboard and thoughts that I can have organized and old binders that I’ve kept and just have them stockpiled up,” Cousins said Wednesday. “And there really wasn’t a place to do that, that I could have access to at all times. So we found an old nook, is the best word I can think of.”

There are no doors to his nook; he said they’re thinking about installing saloon doors, or “maybe hippie beads coming down from the ceiling.” He’s got his laptop there, and the video guys installed a monitor for watching film. He has a Jeff Foxworthy “You Might Be a Redneck If …” one-a-day calendar, a whiteboard and some of Michael Scott’s accoutrements from “The Office.” (“We’re kind of playing up the whole ‘Office’ thing,” Cousins said.)

He also posted a quote from Muhammad Ali that he learned in college: “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses — behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

“I put that there, just as a reminder when I’m in there that oftentimes the game can be won or lost right here, when you see something or you find a tip or a piece of information that can make a difference,” Cousins said. “So it was just a good reminder. I thought it was a fitting quote for what that room should be about.”

“We got him all set up,” Gruden said. “He’s a unique individual. Very detailed. That’s a good thing. Sometimes,” Gruden added with a laugh.

Cousins said he was “thrilled to talk about” his new nook, and he thanked the team’s secretary for getting the place dressed up for him. On Instagram, he wrote that he felt “like a kid on Christmas,” praising the space’s “nearly limitless shelving” and writing that he was “#blessed.” And on Wednesday, in response to a question about the space, he said he was “thrilled to talk about it.”

I mean, $24 million is nice and all. But a nook? A nook is priceless.

“It’s really not an office,” Cousins said, “but it works for me.”

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