For the past two years, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and his wife, Julie, have left town during the bye week to relax and unwind on a beach. The couple’s first child, who arrived Friday night, has them looking forward to spending their week without football at home this year.

“It’s worked well,” Cousins told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Tuesday of his previous bye week excursions. “I’ve always come back from the bye week and played really, really, really well, so I wanted to do that again this year, but being that our baby came basically right before the bye week, we’re going to stay put right here and just be at our townhouse in Ashburn. No beach, but I’ll still be reading and relaxing and probably watching some playoff baseball. Just kind of trying to spend time with my family and just kind of check out a little bit. It’s a really good time for us. I’ve found that really what works out best for me, to be able to come back and be at my best for those 12 weeks is to really just unplug and unwind and get away from it. Then when we get back next week, Monday, be ready to go, and be refreshed and have everything you need for the next three months.”

For the record, Cousins and the Redskins are 1-1 coming off their bye week over the last two years. In 2015, Cousins completed 22 of 40 passes for 217 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a 27-10 loss at New England two weeks after leading the largest comeback in franchise history and shouting “You like that!” Last year, the Redskins’ bye week fell between their 27-27 tie with the Bengals in London and a 26-20 win over the Vikings in which Cousins completed 67 percent of his passes and threw for two touchdowns.

On Tuesday, Cousins shared a photo of his son, Cooper, sleeping on his shoulder as the Cousinses’ dog, Bentley, slept in the quarterback’s lap.

“Bye Week 2017 #paternityleave,” Cousins wrote on Instagram.

Bye Week 2017 #paternityleave

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“I had no idea you were such a big Cooper Kupp fan, by the way,” Paulsen joked on Tuesday, referring to the Rams’ rookie wide receiver who shares the same name as Cousins’s son. “I had no idea.”

“We went with Cooper, I kind of liked the alliteration,” Cousins explained. “What we always said about the name thing is I didn’t want my son to have a name when he walks into his first grade class and there’s five other kids with the same name. And then I didn’t want him to have a name that was so uncommon that nobody knew how to spell it or pronounce it. I figured we’d go with Cooper and it would be just uncommon enough, but also normal enough that he wouldn’t be weird. We thought that would work out all right and hopefully he likes it as he gets older.”

Paulsen noted that Cousins missed a golden opportunity to troll Redskins president Bruce Allen, who regularly calls the QB “Kurt,” by naming his son Curt.

Cousins laughed.

“Oh man, so many naming opportunities there if we really want to go there,” he said.

All three of us got to sleep in today on our bye week!

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