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Chris Christie: World Series is a bridge the Nationals just can’t cross


Since it’s never too late to pile on the Nationals, Chris Christie and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” decided Friday morning would be a good time to pile on the Nationals. Look out below. That’s no insignificant pile-on.

At the end of a discussion about the baseball playoffs — which followed a discussion about the nation’s opioid crisis — Scarborough offered a hypothetical.

“Finally, this is one for the tapes,” he said to Christie. “If [manager Joe] Girardi goes to Washington, will the Nationals win a World Series in the next two to three years?”

“No,” Christie replied. “No.”

Really?” Scarborough wondered. “Why not?”

“Because the Nationals players just can’t win the big one, Joe,” Christie explained. “They just can’t.”

Svrluga: Girardi to the Nationals? The question is no longer theoretical.

And if anyone knows about the big one, etc. etc.

“And their leading player does not make other players better,” chimed in someone named Donny Deutsch, apparently using the well known advanced metric that shows just how much a right fielder contributes can improve the play of an MLB third baseman via a positive, helpful attitude.

“He is not a winner, Bryce Harper,” Deutsch added of the player whose team is second in MLB in wins since the season he debuted, with four division titles in six years.

I mean, not that I’m actually going to argue baseball takes with Donny Deutsch. Maybe he’s right. Maybe Bryce Harper isn’t a winner. They certainly laid out a convincing case.

“You know, [Thomas] Boswell wrote a great column about the Nationals, one of the most talented teams in baseball,” added Scarborough, evidently a devoted reader of our sports section. “He said they don’t hate losing enough. And for you to win, you have to hate losing.”

“You got to hate to lose more,” added Christie, who perhaps might have won in New Hampshire had he only hated losing more. “And Matt Wieters behind the plate? Please,” Christie added. “I wouldn’t let him box my groceries, let alone catch the ball behind the plate. Did you see that performance? Disgusting. Terrible. Terrible.”

And if anyone knows about a terrible performance on the biggest stage, etc. etc.

In other baseball news, Christie agreed that the Yankees were foolish to get rid of Girardi (“And let me tell you something, I don’t know who the great manager is they think they’re bringing in there,” he said), called Game 2 of the Astros-Dodgers series “one of the best World Series games I’ve seen in a while” and predicted Houston will win the World Series because “the Astros are a team of destiny.”

“It’s so stupid,” co-host Mika Brzezinski interjected at one point. “You’re talking about nothing. It’s just mumbo jumbo.”

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