Fresh off their first road trip of the season, the Wizards celebrated “Walloween” chez John Wall on Monday night. While none of the Wizards looked quite as spooky as LeBron James, who dressed as Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It” for the Cavaliers’ annual Halloween party, several players got into the Halloween spirit.

Wall went as Chucky and sported a pair of custom denim overalls, which he should definitely wear to a game sometime.

Bradley Beal and his girlfriend, Kamiah Adams, had the best makeup at the party. Beal’s bag is $50,000 lighter after he was fined for his fight with Draymond Green on Friday.

Chris McCullough, who went dressed as a tall glass of milk, shared several photos of his Wizards teammates on Instagram. Tim Frazier went as Jigsaw from the “Saw” horror film series. Kelly Oubre Jr. and Devin Robinson both went, uh, all out. Oubre told NBC Sports Washington’s Chase Hughes on Tuesday that he was supposed to be a cross between a Dalmation and a dead rock star. “We made it look good,” Oubre said. “That’s all I do, make stuff look good.”

Jason Smith, who went as the Big Bad Wolf, documented the night on his Instagram story. One of the highlights was his video of a framed, backlit hologram of Wall hanging on one of the walls.

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