Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and President Trump impersonator John Di Domenico starred in one of the more bizarre ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl, a 30-second spot that aired in the D.C. metro area and required some creative post-production tinkering. The commercial for gas fireplaces was shot more than two weeks ago, before the Redskins’ trade for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith effectively signaled the end of Cousins’s tenure in Washington.

“We had so many different versions of our commercial based on what was happening with the news,” Virginia-based Cyprus Air co-owner Peter Demetriou said Monday. “We made our final decision on what we wanted to use on Thursday and then made the final edits. We had several different versions and a lot of film to work with, so we were prepared for pretty much anything.”

The final version of the ad may be the final time that Cousins, who is expected to become a free agent, appears in a Redskins uniform. In it, the quarterback encourages fake Trump, who has apparently been kicked out of the White House by the first lady for installing a coal-burning fireplace, to consider buying a gas fireplace. Trump returns the favor by offering Cousins a new position in his administration.

“Sneaky Alex stole your job, so I’m appointing you secretary of offense,” fake Trump says, coining a new nickname for Smith.

Demetriou had expressed hope that Cousins, who played the past two seasons on the franchise tag, would remain with the Redskins for the 2018 season. But he doesn’t hate the acquisition of “Sneaky Alex.”

“Kirk Cousins is one of my favorite players, but I will say I’m a big fan of Alex Smith as well, and I think he’ll do fantastic here,” Demetriou said Monday.

Last year, Cyprus Air’s Super Bowl ad featuring Di Domenico and Redskins legend Joe Jacoby garnered almost a million views on YouTube in a two-week period after the game. The extended version of this year’s ad was among the top 30 trending videos on YouTube on Monday morning.

“It’s a huge response,” Demetriou said.

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