Lifelong Redskins fan Matt Fraedrich was surprised and excited to receive a FedEx package with a return address from the executive office at Redskins Park before he left for work Monday morning. He was “absolutely floored” when he opened it to find a signed, full-length shot of owner Daniel Snyder smiling in a black suit and the inscription “HTTR!”

“There wasn’t even a cover letter or anything,” Fraedrich explained in an email to The Post. “Just one photo of Dan Snyder, signed.”


No, Snyder doesn’t mail unsolicited glamour shots of himself to Redskins fans. (At least, I don’t think he does, but then I wouldn’t have expected him to sue his own fans, either.) It turns out Fraedrich wrote to Snyder in December.

“Dear Mr. Snyder,” the letter began, according to Fraedrich. “Thank you for being a Redskins fan. Thank you for being emotionally invested in the franchise that has been so dear to me since the day I was born in 1992. Thank you for standing for the best interests of the organization, and weathering the storm when things get rough. Thank you.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. That’s a lot of thank yous for the man most Redskins fans blame for the team’s, uh, lack of success this century.

“I’m pretty sure Dan Snyder gets a bunch of hate mail, so I tried to sugarcoat it a bit in order to try to appeal [to] him on a different level: with compliments,” Fraedrich explained. “Even though we all know Dan Snyder is responsible, directly and indirectly, for a lot of the problems within the organization, which inevitably find their way to the field. They always say, ‘Know your audience,’ so I thought gassing him up a little was not a bad idea. Kind of regret that after his response, lol!”

Fraedrich went on to tell Snyder that he wasn’t writing to assign blame and that he finds it “unfair, spiteful and petty” for fans to blame him for everything that goes wrong within the organization. He then appealed to Snyder’s status as the Redskins fan with the greatest power to bring another Super Bowl title to Washington.

“Please be very deliberate about the decisions that are made behind closed doors,” Fraedrich wrote. “Please be shrewd and brilliant. Please do everything in your power to lay the groundwork for a Redskins dynasty that will bring joy to the fans and the city for years to come. In my opinion, the first step to achieving that dream is this: Please give Kirk Cousins a long-term deal that makes him happy to be Redskin, even if that means making him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Thank you.”

Of course, the Redskins didn’t give Cousins a long-term deal, instead trading for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and allowing Cousins to depart via free agency. And this is how Snyder responds five months later to what must have been one of the most fawning letters he has ever received from a fan?

“As the great Ron Burgundy once said, ‘I’m not even mad. I’m impressed,’ ” Fraedrich said. “Impressed at the complete disregard. I’m convinced it would have been better if he had just never responded. Not that I’m genuinely offended by it given the hilarity of the whole situation, but it seems to be objectively kind of a jacka– move.”

Fraedrich posted the photo on the Redskins subreddit, and several users were genuinely impressed.

“Ok i know he’s the worst but that is an objectively hilarious thing to do,” one wrote.

“Dan is a little more savage than I gave him credit for,” another said.

“lmao this actually makes me kinda like snyder. this is hilarious,” a third remarked.

Fraedrich said he’s already over Cousins’s departure, is optimistic about Smith’s future in Washington and isn’t quite sure what he’ll do with his first piece of Snyder memorabilia.

“There were some funny suggestions pursuant to what I should do with the photo,” Fraedrich said. “Maybe I should frame it and put it above my toilet. Or maybe I should send it back with a picture of myself autographed. I haven’t really decided yet, but for now it’s just sitting on my desk at home.”

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