How did Washington react to the Capitals’ 2-1 overtime win over the Penguins? About how you’d expect a city might react, if that city had been waiting for 7,000 or so days for a team to get to this particular spot, and if that city had seen this particular team come up short in this particular round against this particular opponent every particular spring.

There was relief. There was delirium. There was exaltation. There was exhalation. There were exclamation marks, and profanity, and hugs, and at least one dude who sent me a photo of vodka next to a sneaker, evidently with the intention of drinking said vodka out of said sneaker.

My wife, a D.C. sports fan, said there should be a parade, and she was sort of joking, but sort of not, because we all haven’t had terribly many chances for that sort of civic celebration that marks a communal sporting accomplishment, if I can use the royal we loosely for a second. There won’t be a parade, and there won’t be a spontaneous gathering at the White House or on M Street or at 14th and U, because we don’t exactly have the perfect spot for a gathering like that. Something we probably have to think about in the next few weeks, if I’m being honest.

But barring all that, we had this: a community of long-suffering sports fans celebrating, together, at home and with friends and on the internet. With a lot of exclamation marks. And profanity.