At this point, you’ve seen the replay dozens of times and stared deeply at the photographs of Braden Holtby’s too-miraculous-for-words Game 2 save in the Stanley Cup finals.

Allow a quick recapture of the situation:

Washington leads the game 3-2 with 2:05 to play. A Vegas defender throws a puck into the Capitals’ zone that takes a crazy carom off the boards and scoots in front of Holtby and onto the stick of Golden Knights center Cody Eakin. Eakin feeds the puck across the net mouth back to right wing Alex Tuch, who is wide open just outside the crease. Holtby is cleanly beaten guarding the far post.

As the clock strikes 2 minutes, Tuch fires a shot netward, and Holtby lurches back and stops the puck with the paddle of his stick, then smothers it beneath his waffle-board. Referee Chris Rooney, stunned by the save, whirls around to the front of the net and blows the play dead. The Capitals hold on to win the game.


In case you need a replay again:

Now, allow for a quick recitation of facts:

Tuch is roughly nine feet from the goal when the puck is on his stick. An NHL goal is 24 square feet.

The Save immediately entered the Washington sports scene’s eternal lexicon. Below is every image of the play we could find.

First, from Washington Post photojournalist Toni L. Sandys:

From the Associated Press’s John Locher:

From Getty Images’s Ethan Miller:

From Getty Images’s Bruce Bennett:

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