T.J. Oshie and Matt Niskanen rode Metro to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals Saturday to avoid delays related to road closures around Capital One Arena. The Capitals won, 3-1, so it only made sense for the teammates to take Metro to Monday’s Game 4 in Chinatown.

While Niskanen had taken public transportation to games before, Saturday marked the first time that Oshie braved Metro to get to the rink.

“It was actually very easy for us to get down there,” Oshie said of Saturday’s trip. “The fans seemed very excited but were also very respectful. They kind of just wished us luck along the way. The closer we got, the more fans got on, and it was cool. It was cool to see.”

Monday’s trek featured a small hiccup. A fan tweeted a photo of Oshie at an exit fare machine at Gallery Place station and reported that the Capitals’ winger was short 35 cents.

Thankfully, a Metro employee eventually let Oshie through as a sea of fans in red jerseys chanted “Let’s go Caps!” and Niskanen, the veteran Metro rider, smiled.

“I owe you guys; thank you,” said Oshie, who signed an eight-year, $46 million contract last summer.

Peak fares, man. They’ll get ya every time.

(Courtesy of Margaret McEvoy)

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