If you’ve been singing “We Are the Champions” virtually nonstop since late last Thursday, you’re not alone. Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals have, too, and you can thank (or blame) science — and booze.

Ovechkin led his teammates in a stirring rendition of Queen’s 1977 hit in a champagne- and beer-soaked locker room after the Capitals clinched their first Stanley Cup title at Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena. Two days later, they sang it during an interview with MASN’s Dan Kolko in a suite at Nationals Park, at the Georgetown waterfront between dips in a fountain and behind the bar at Cafe Milano.

In 2011, Goldsmith University researchers declared “We Are the Champions” the catchiest song of all time. It would be hard for anyone to question their findings after watching the Capitals parade the Stanley Cup throughout D.C. this weekend.

As he began to wind down following his Saturday rager, a sleepy Ovechkin sang “We Are the Champions” again at home. On Sunday, Ovechkin’s wife, Nastasiya Ovechkina, shared Instagram video of her husband belting out the song while manning three grills. The Capitals’ captain probably sang it in his sleep.

Twitter user @NatsSquid used Windows Movie Maker to create a supercut of Ovechkin and the Capitals singing “We Are the Champions” and the result is pure gold:

“I was thrilled to be outside Capital One Arena on Thursday night in the chaotic streets, watching the Capitals win surrounded by thousands of other fans,” @NatsSquid, who would prefer to remain anonymous, wrote in a Twitter direct message. “I enjoyed watching the Capitals rampage through D.C. over the course of next couple days, and thought it was amusing how many times Ovi and the Caps sang ‘We Are The Champions.’ I was procrastinating on Sunday night and thought it would be cool to cut all of the singing clips together.”

You thought correctly. Thanks, @NatsSquid. We’ll look forward to the update following Tuesday’s parade.

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