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MLB unveils jerseys, caps and socks for 2018 All-Star Game at Nationals Park

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We now know what jersey and cap Bryce Harper will wear if he competes in next month’s Home Run Derby at Nationals Park. Major League Baseball on Friday unveiled the American flag-themed caps, jerseys and socks that players will wear during this year’s all-star workout day, to include the Home Run Derby, and the All-Star Game in D.C.

National League all-stars will wear red caps and jerseys for the workout day Monday, July 16. The NL caps feature six white stars on the brim, the 2018 All-Star Game logo on the right side and the player’s team logo on a blue background encircled by stars on the front.

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NL all-star workout day caps (Nationals version)

The NL jerseys feature the word “National” in the same script font as the Nationals’ word mark across the chest, an image of the Capitol dome, the All-Star Game logo on the right sleeve and the player’s team logo on the left sleeve. The side panels feature navy and white piping with silver stars.

NL all-star workout day jerseys (Nationals version)

The script inside the stars-and-stripes word mark isn’t from the Declaration of Independence or any other primary documents in American history, but from part of an essay by baseball historian John Thorn. “Baseball is not a conventional industry,” Thorn wrote. “It belongs neither to the players nor management, but to all of us. It is our national pastime, our national symbol and our national treasure.”

The American League’s caps and jerseys are primarily navy blue. The caps feature six white stars on the brim, the 2018 All-Star Game logo on the right side and the player’s team logo on a red background encircled by stars on the front.

AL all-star workout day caps (Baltimore Orioles version)

Instead of the Capitol dome, the AL workout day jerseys feature an image of the Washington Monument to the left of the “American” word mark across the chest.

AL all-star workout day jersey (Orioles version)

For the third consecutive year, Stance designed socks for the workout day and All-Star Game.

All-star workout day socks

Players will wear their regular home white and road gray jerseys for the All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 17. The jerseys will feature the All-Star Game logo on the right sleeve and a patch on the left sleeve depicting the player’s number of all-star game appearances inside a star. This year’s left-sleeve patch will be silver, instead of gold, to match the silver star-shaped patches that will cover the eyelet holes on the official tri-color All-Star Game caps.

All-Star Game caps (Nationals and Orioles versions)

Last year, the All-Star Game caps featured metallic gold, star-shaped grommets, which, as Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas noted, created a weird look. This year’s grommet-free caps are an improvement. Here’s a look at the 2017 caps compared to this year’s caps:

2017 All-Star Game cap (Nationals version)

2018 All-Star Game cap (Nationals version)

Stance’s red, white and blue All-Star Game socks include a simplified design of the D.C. flag.

All-Star Game socks

All-Star Game jerseys, caps and socks will be available for purchase starting Monday at various locations, including and the team store at Nationals Park.

All photos courtesy of MLB.

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