It’s a new era in Landover, one in which the Redskins are now advertising single-game general admission tickets for sale instead of continuing their long-running claim of a season ticket waiting list and a resulting lack of inventory.

“Single Game Tickets Available Now!” reads the subject of an email the Redskins sent to their subscriber list on Monday, which includes links to purchase tickets to all eight regular season home games at FedEx Field, including the home opener Sept. 16 against the Colts. The Redskins have occasionally advertised single-game tickets before, typically claiming seats became available “due to visiting team ticket returns.”

In June, the Redskins admitted that the mythical waiting list to purchase season tickets, which the team once claimed included as many as 200,000 names, was no more.

“We want to have the best home-field advantage in the National Football League,” Brian Lafemina, who was hired in May as the team’s new president of business operations, said in a news conference at the time. “What that means is having rabid Redskins fans sitting in FedEx Field every single week. And the best way to do that is to make sure that fans who want to be season ticket members are allowed to be them today.”

The Redskins have announced several changes this offseason to make season ticket memberships — and single-game trips to FedEx Field — more appealing than in previous years. For the first time, Redskins season ticket members will receive discounts ranging from 20 percent to 50 percent on all food items by scanning their mobile or paper tickets after ordering at any concession stand. The bleachers beneath the scoreboard in the west end zone have been removed to make way for a fan pavilion, which will provide a clear view of the field and is open to anyone with a ticket for any seat in the stadium.

The team removed seats from FedEx Field at least three times between 2010 and 2015, but continued to advertise its season ticket wait list through last year. The Redskins made a strategic decision this offseason to take a “significant amount” of obstructed view lower level seats off the market, and fans with existing season tickets in certain sections with obstructed views, sometimes referred to as “cave seats,” were given the option to relocate.

“We identified a lot of seats in those areas were being resold or had a high volume of visiting team fans, so when you take that out of the mix, that really helps preserve the value of our tickets for our season ticket holders,” Jake Bye, who in May was named the Redskins’ senior vice president of consumer sales and marketing, said at the team’s “Taste of FedEx Field” event last month.

Single-game tickets to the Redskins’ home opener, ranging in price from $80 to $649, were available in dozens of sections as of Monday morning. More than 200 upper-level seats were available for $80 apiece. On StubHub, tickets for the Colts game start at $85.

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