Adrian Peterson stretches before Friday’s preseason game. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Adrian Peterson said he felt strong after his Redskins debut Friday, when he rushed for 56 yards on 11 carries in a preseason loss to the Broncos. The 33-year-old running back told reporters he “could have had another 15 carries,” which would suggest it’s premature to retire the “AD” nickname — short for “All Day” — his father, Nelson Peterson, gave him when he was a toddler. “Half Day” or “Part Time” doesn’t really carry the same cachet.

The “All Day” nickname has followed Peterson, who started lifting weights with his dad when he was 7 years old, throughout his career.

“Right from Day One, he was like his nickname, ‘All Day,’ ” Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops said in December 2004 after Peterson rushed for nearly 2,000 yards as a freshman.

“It was vintage ‘All Day’ — an exhilarating blend of burst, shiftiness and vision,” The Washington Post’s Kimberley A. Martin wrote of Peterson’s performance on Friday, some 14 years later.

Confusing matters somewhat is the fact that Peterson is also known by a less inspired nickname: AP. In a Twitter poll created by Richmond Times-Dispatch sports editor Michael Phillips during Friday’s game, 55 percent of respondents indicated Peterson’s nickname was AP, his initials, not AD, for All Day.

On NBC Sports Washington’s postgame show, host Julie Donaldson attempted to settle the AP-AD debate once and for all by asking Peterson which nickname he preferred.

“There’s a lot of discrepancy on AD, people wanting to stick with that, and AP, what we’re calling you now,” Donaldson said. “What should we call you on this show?”

“I’m 50-50,” said Peterson, who told Phillips the same. “So whatever your preference is, I’m okay with it.”

That’s a departure from Peterson’s previous stance on the matter, and ensures the one-letter debate will rage on. Five years ago, during a Reddit AMA, Peterson was asked whether he preferred AD or AP.

“AD!” he replied, which should’ve cleared things up for good. Perhaps when you’re 33 and just trying to make an NFL roster, you care a little less about how your name is shortened by fans, media members and team social media accounts.

(Via Reddit)

For the record, the Vikings, Peterson’s original team, used both AP and AD to refer to the 2012 NFL MVP.

When Peterson signed with the Saints last April, the question resurfaced among the New Orleans media and fan base: Is it AP or AD?

“I want to make sure I make clear that, I don’t mind AP, but growing up, they called me AD,” Peterson said in a video posted on the Saints’ Facebook page. “The first two initials of my name, I know people are like, ‘Well, it’s Adrian Peterson, so why not AP? It makes more sense.’ Technically it does, but they started calling me AD because I was just into stuff all day as a young kid. I was just super energized and I just stayed active all the time, so that’s how they came up with All Day.”

Adrian Peterson​ prefers "AD" over "AP

Call him AD or AP? Adrian Peterson explains why he prefers AD for his nickname "All Day"

Posted by New Orleans Saints on Monday, June 5, 2017

The Cardinals used AD after Peterson was traded to Arizona in October.

After one week, early indications are that the Redskins prefer AP.

Here at the Bog, we’re following the guidance of wrestling commentator and die-hard Oklahoma Sooners fan Jim Ross, a.k.a. JR, and suggest you do the same. It’s AD.

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