Redskins tight end Jordan Reed showed off his impressive stretching skills during Sunday’s 24-6 win at Arizona, both before halftime, when he dived to extend the ball across the goal line to give Washington a three-touchdown lead, and in the fourth quarter, when Fox’s cameras caught him staying loose with a yoga routine rarely seen on an NFL sideline.

Reed told reporters after the game that his mom sent him the video, which he called “pretty funny” and caught the attention of fans on Twitter. Reed suggested he might do the routine somewhere with a little more privacy next time. Perhaps Washington’s offensive line could provide some cover.

“They didn’t catch the full routine,” Reed said. “It’s actually like a minute long. That’s just firing my body up, getting ready for movement.”

Hey, whatever works for a player who missed 14 games over the previous two seasons and had surgery on both of his big toes during the offseason. Reed had four catches for 48 yards, including that second-quarter touchdown, in his first game since October. Whether he also inspired a new yoga craze among football fans remains to be seen, but former Redskins safety Will Blackmon certainly got a kick out of it.

Browns offensive line coach Bob Wylie, who declared stretching “overrated” because the United States won two world wars without it during an episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” last month, was probably less impressed.

The Redskins’ offense is demonstrably better when Reed, who has missed 28 of 81 regular season games in his NFL career, is on the field. During Fox’s halftime show Sunday, future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez offered high praise for his fellow tight end.

“When he’s healthy, he’s the best route-running tight end in the NFL,” Gonzalez said. “Could be, possibly, the best tight end in the NFL.”

“Long as all of us are out there, it’s going to be some problems for the defense,” Reed said. “Felt great being out there with all my guys. . . . We’ve just got to keep grinding from here.”

Grinding and stretching.

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