It seems every time Max Scherzer pitches, he flirts with a special start.

The Chiefs will be known as the Salt Potatoes for one game only, because salt potatoes are delicious.

Patrick D. Killebrew's obituary, which was written by his son, reflected his love of baseball and sense of humor.

Sometimes you just want to be a little bit mean.

'What was Nook Logan thinking?! What was he watching?! Where was he going?!' Charlie Slowes wondered in 2007.

Winter is coming to Nationals Park on Friday.

Nats' ace and his wife, Erica, shared the news on Father's Day.

Sports fandom is weird, and one dad wanted his son to make an informed choice, so he asked all 30 MLB teams for help.

Dusty Baker's son has the perfect response to disparaging comment about being drafted by Washington.

Mary Hughes got to meet her favorite player, Bryce Harper, ahead of Wednesday's game — her first trip to a professional sporting event.

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