Buck Showalter will have all offseason to answer questions about why closer Zach Britton was left in the bullpen.

Toronto's Roger Centre has become quite the inhospitable place for a playoff game lately.

Adam Jones presented Big Papi with the unforgettable gift before Ortiz's final game at Camden Yards on Thursday.

Adam Jones says the small crowds are "eerie, a little bit."

Trey Mancini's major league debut was "especially cool" for his family.

The Orioles outfielder says of black players, "In football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us."

After playing one season in the NFL, Maple made his MLB debut with Washington in 1932.

Maryland native Matthew Centrowitz, the 1,500-meter champion at Rio, received a warm welcome at Baltimore's Oriole Park ... when he finally arrived.

Baltimore's center fielder checks in on the Wizards guard from time to time.

Nats reliever says a World Series -- or three -- would help grow Washington's fan base.

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