Richard Jefferson and J.R. Smith respond to Washington guard's comments about what might have been.

It's easy to think this is a pathetic time to root for Washington sports. It's also not really true.

The 1998 Capitals are the last D.C. team in the four major pro sports to reach the conference finals.

Washington couldn't overcome the dismal play of its bench, which was outscored 48-5. Bradley Beal scored a game-high 38 points but needed more help from his fellow starters down the stretch.

Game 7 of the 1978 NBA Finals, to name just one example, was just a little bigger.

Bobby Dandridge lifted Washington over the Spurs in the 1979 Eastern Conference finals.

Hero recognizes hero.

Bruce Springsteen's guitarist is back with another ode to D.C. basketball just in time for Game 7 against the Celtics.

CSN reporter went to the mat for the Wizards' superstar.

John Wall hit the Wizards' biggest shot of the season, and fans went nutso.

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