Danny Rouhier's latest skewers both Larry Michael AND Kevin Sheehan. Sports-radio wars, man.

You probably got upset when the Redskins lost. One sports-radio caller got into a fight at work and got suspended. That's worse.

Longtime local sports-talk radio caller goes after the Redskins, their coaches, the referees, and Bob Costas.

Former Redskins center says he still hates the Cowboys, and used to think about plowing into the Dallas owner on the sidelines.

Redskins lawyer Lanny Davis says he's recommended Dan Snyder adopt a more sensitive tone about you know what.

Ted Leonsis still thinks the Nats are the best team in Major League Baseball, and still wants them to serve as a reminder.

Caps winger offers a passionate defense of fighting's place in his sport.

Three times a day, 106.7 The Fan is reserving Caps giveaway tickets for furloughed federal workers.

Capitals winger says this year's team is not getting the respect it deserves.

NFL commissioner takes a more nuanced tone on the Redskins name debate during an interview on 106.7 The Fan.

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