Before Mike Shanahan bids us all farewell, let's remember the 10 worst moments during his time in Washington.

The former Redskins defensive tackle says Shanahan limited players' interactions with Snyder.

Albert Haynesworth weighs in on the imminent end of the Shanahan era, explaining that the coach doesn't want any players to be bigger than him.

I don't know why everyone is talking about Albert Haynesworth now, but it's delicious stuff.

Not content to fire away at Chris Cooley, the former Redskins lineman and giant bust also unloads on the team's coach.

Albert Haynesworth responds to Chris Cooley's criticism with a litany of personal attacks.

The former Redskins tight end says the former Redskins defensive lineman never wanted to play for this team.

Fox Sports list says Redskins have three of the four all-time worst free agent signings. This year won't add to the list.

The post-fumble incident was more Jerry Springer than NFL.

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  • Dec 4, 2012
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