The rookie forward hasn't had the greatest season, but this week brought a pretty funny highlight.

PTI host says it's time for the Caps to go in a different direction.

Alex Ovechkin had a pretty fun night at Verizon Center.

Caps star explains the reasoning behind his NCAA tournament picks, and Wizards star goes against his team.

Caps superstar goes with the local-ish Cavaliers as his champion.

Both Ovi and Nicklas Backstrom brought back sad pixels from Sochi.

  • Sarah Kogod
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  • Feb 26, 2014
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Colorado Avalanche head coach compares Ovechkin to the best golfer never to win a major.

Caps forward says coming up short in Sochi might actually help Ovechkin.

Caps star and the Russians were eliminated in the quarterfinals, and some familiar faces were not kind with their analysis.

PTI talkers and former Post columnists are still flabbergasted that Ovechkin didn't appear in the shootout against the U.S.

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