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Harper is the bigger name and has a more established track record as one of the best players in baseball, but Machado is quickly closing the gap.

The Nationals star shows some love for a fellow D.C. sports figure, and his catchphrase.

A look at the last D.C. baseball player to win the MVP, Senators shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh.

The MMA star did, however, compliment the Nats relief pitcher's fighting spirit.

A major-league dugout fight caught on camera is going to get noticed.

A poor August doesn't guarantee fall failure. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite.

Save and share your MLB minions

Yesterday, Bryce Harper became the fourth Nationals player to hit three home runs in a game. A look back to when Alfonso Soriano became the first.

The blowing hair, the red helmet in his wake. The resemblance is uncanny, really.

Nationals outfielder and longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner had an engagement photo shoot in D.C. a few weeks ago.

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