Washington's lack of Ping Pong balls is a good thing.

Looking back at a classic in advance of the Wizards' must-win Game 5.

C-Webb talked about Juwan Howard's big ears, training his rottweilers in 1996.

Back then, two wins was enough to clinch a first round series.

Wes Unseld played peacemaker at Baltimore Arena.

Before Baltimore's NFL team started using it, a fan suggested Ravens as a replacement for Bullets.

More than three decades ago, Joe Theismann said Abe Pollin was turning D.C. into a basketball town. This is a fun read. So read it. Now.

With the departure of the Bobcats, 'Wizards' sinks even further down the list of NBA misery.

Most D.C. sports fans are against a Redskins name change. But the name change they do want is unlikely to happen.

Thirty-five years ago from Saturday, The Post covered D.C.'s last NBA title.

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