Someone please fix the NHL's nonsensical playoff system.

Playoff hockey is often maddening and baffling and unfair. Sunday night in Toronto, the right team won.

Justin Williams rolls out of bed and scores overtime playoff goals.

NBC Sports analysts agree: Nazem Kadri's hit on Alex Ovechkin should not have been penalized.

There's actually a good reason that guy wore a Caps/Leafs jersey mash-up, and he's probably going to do it again.

Washington sports trifecta draws hundreds of thousands of TV viewers

A plea, from a longtime Caps fan: Win a Cup so you can go back to being a normal team.

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For the second April in three years, the Caps and Wizards and Nationals all won.

Both D.C. teams won playoff games. Both made fans sweat.

Don't read this. Find something interesting to read about the sugar beet industry instead.

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