Latest failure resonates with those who have lived through all that preceded it

Secret handshakes, head butts and whacks of encouragement: inside the Caps' pregame routines.

Washington still might lose this series, but its superstar's reputation under the bright lights shouldn't be in question.

Survey says: no.

It's ok to love pain, I guess.

It was a moment that called for a championship-level response. And the Capitals somehow came up short.

Don't expect the Caps forward to drop gloves with Kris Letang.

Marcus Johansson was lucky not to be seriously hurt Monday night. Kris Letang might have been even luckier.

A playoff series hasn't started until a radio host calls a head coach a loser and a scumbug.

An overwhelming effort came up short in Game 3, leaving the Caps short on chances.

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