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If the outlook feels familiar -- great team, let's see what happens in the playoffs -- well, that's because it is.

New deal gives Leonsis-led ownership group equity in CSN Mid-Atlantic, while also beefing up its own Monumental Sports Network.

A fun way to start a new season would be watching your rival celebrate its Stanley Cup spoils.

A curse on sports curses, because Washington isn't cursed.

Three of Washington's four most prominent general managers are riding high. The fourth offers a warning.

Latest failure resonates with those who have lived through all that preceded it

Secret handshakes, head butts and whacks of encouragement: inside the Caps' pregame routines.

Washington still might lose this series, but its superstar's reputation under the bright lights shouldn't be in question.

Survey says: no.

It's ok to love pain, I guess.

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