Don't expect the Caps forward to drop gloves with Kris Letang.

Marcus Johansson was lucky not to be seriously hurt Monday night. Kris Letang might have been even luckier.

A playoff series hasn't started until a radio host calls a head coach a loser and a scumbug.

An overwhelming effort came up short in Game 3, leaving the Caps short on chances.

COLUMN | The Caps travel to Pittsburgh tied 1-1, rather than in the 2-0 hole they probably deserve.

T.J. Oshie's daughter has her Riley Curry moment, while daddy has his hat trick.

Washington has become mediocre in the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's a start.

Washington was brilliant after losses in the regular season. That record will get tested Friday against the Flyers.

A lifetime Philadelphian asks not to let a despicable few give Philly sports fans a black eye.

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  • Apr 20, 2016
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Were Caps players happy to rout the Flyers at home? Yes, they were.

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