Were Caps players happy to rout the Flyers at home? Yes, they were.

Embarrassment lurked in Philadelphia. But it wasn't the Caps who embarrassed themselves.

Wilson says Simmonds is "a real awesome guy off the ice."

Here's one more voice of calm reason before the playoffs begin.

Washington's coach says the playoffs deliver "a fever pitch that can’t be replicated."

Trade of Washington's longest tenured athlete is 'hard for everybody to digest,' but players say that's just the business of hockey.

After two successful offseasons and a brilliant start to the season, there's not a lot of work left for Washington's front office.

Some local observers have opined that the regular season means nothing for this Caps team. Those people are being stupid.

"I think it’s eventually going to get almost phased out," Caps coach says of hockey fisticuffs.

Alex Ovechkin won't be at the NHL's all-star weekend this year. His countryman will make a fitting fill-in.

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