Former Redskins tight end lists some of the characteristics he'd prefer to see in Mike Shanahan's replacement.

Former Redskin and current radio analyst says the former special teams coach is eager to take on the gig.

Chris Cooley compared the performance of Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins last week. The former didn't fare too well.

Former Redskins tight end talks about the swirling madness inside Redskins Park.

Chris Cooley provides a frank breakdown of Robert Griffin III's performance as a runner this season.

Redskins tight end offers his take on the NFL Network report about Robert Griffin III.

Former Redskins star says the team's coach needs to do a better and more honest job of speaking to the cameras.

The final nail on Washington's coffin Sunday afternoon brought forth plenty of criticism for the quarterback who threw it. Well, it wasn't really a nail he threw. You know.

Longtime radio analyst asked for Kirk Cousins at least twice during Sunday's loss in Philadelphia.

Listen to a parody broadcast of a Redskins game broadcast, brought to you by 106.7 The Fan and Danny Rouhier.

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