Caps and Wizards owner again makes it clear that the future of his teams on television will be much different than the status quo.

The Redskins safety remained in the news Sunday, with this low tackle of Danny Woodhead.

Forty years ago, Steve Buckhantz refereed a game featuring Phil Chenier. It didn't end well.

The final score wasn't close. But more than one Redskins player said that didn't reflect what happened.

Brian Mitchell lays into Washington's special teams coach and special teams units, saying they already need another bye week.

Ted Leonsis says he wanted to stream Tuesday's preseason Wizards game on his online network. So what happened?

The Wizards were blacked out Tuesday night. They won't be on Saturday, though. Here's all the boring details.

Dick Stockton butchered the pronunciation of Brian Orakpo's last name for well more than two quarters. The linebacker said this was 'sucky.'

Two bad games from RGIII, and some fans and analysts are wondering whether the team might be better off with Kirk Cousins.

Local sports network has a new country rock song to introduce many of its Redskins and Ravens show.

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