In a lengthy conversation with a Post reporter, the former Redskins says Snyder 'has done everything asked of him.'

Snyder keeps moving farther and farther away from his new coaches, symbolically.

Not sure I've ever seen this photo of Snyder, as a child, wearing his football uniform.

Longtime radio voice has incredibly harsh words for the franchise and its owner.

In a 60-second span, Ron Jaworski says that Dan Snyder has been a terrific owner, and that Snyder needs to stick with being an owner.

Vinny Cerrato says Dan Snyder will look hard at the financial, but will probably move on from Shanahan.

The Redskins may be in terrible shape, but Jerry Jones is talking about wagon trails and floating across the Mississippi.

Redskins Hall of Famer believes team should get rid of the Shanahans and start over with a young and hungry coach.

Bill Cowher becomes the latest prominent ex coach to point the finger at Dan Snyder for the Redskins' woes.

I don't understand anything anyone is saying anymore.

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