Obviously the Cowboys quarterback and coach root for the Blue Devils.

The Duke-Maryland rivalry hits the road with one final controversy, which Gary Williams helps nurture along.

If you haven't seen PostTV's Maryland-Duke retrospective, here are some of the best moments.

Here's Steve Blake, discussing (I believe) his infamous Johnny Rockets homework assignment.

Get a sneak peak at a PostTV documentary look at the Maryland-Duke rivalry.

Hard to imagine this sort of stuff coming up during a basketball game, but here we are.

Why is one D.C. news anchor a rabid Duke football fan? How about she has a son on the team?

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski again talks about sadness and regret in conjunction with Maryland's departure from the ACC.

Duke basketball coach says his program won't attempt to schedule Maryland after the teams are in different conferences.

Another CSN anchor didn't appreciate Coach K's comments about Maryland and Duke's rivalry.

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