Former Redskins tight end ran routes with the team's current quarterback. He was blown away.

Uh, this is awkward. One Redskins beat reporter put his job on the line. He lost.

Jayson Werth said a bunch of interesting things about hitting a baseball. Tony Kornheiser didn't agree with them.

This is the most excited anyone has ever been about a double-digit first-round NIT victory.

Maryland basketball analyst's 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh' is the sound of an ACC legacy ending.

Longtime local sports broadcaster man takes yet another crack at local hockey fans.

Former Redskin and longtime ESPN 980 host sprinkled bottled water on the former Cowboys lineman.

Wizards veteran wants the team's two guards to love each other.

The Duke-Maryland rivalry hits the road with one final controversy, which Gary Williams helps nurture along.

Put Tony Kornheiser with the group who suspects Maryland's conference move won't go well.

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